Learn Web Scraping with NodeJs in 2020 - The Crash Course

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Learn Web Scraping with NodeJs and tools such as: Google Puppeteer, Request, Cheerio.

Enter the world of Web scraping and data mining with Node. Learn modern Web scraping techniques with NodeJs - Puppeteer and direct NodeJs queries.

In this course:

  • Learn Web scraping with Puppeteer or Manual Requests
  • Create modules for various sites (Imdb, twitter, instagram.)
  • Learn a few web scraping methods
  • Familiar with Web scraping ethics

Enjoy programming and learning Web scraping with real world examples and solving real-world problems when creating with Node.

Web Scraping is a very gray area, and not many people talk about it or even teach it. You will find valuable information and techniques that you can directly apply for yourself.

I have been working with Data Mining with NodeJs for over two years on dozens of websites, and I have learned many ways to create Web scraping and best practices. All this you will learn and learn in just a few hours in this course.


I designed this course so that it is easy to understand by absolute beginners and people who already have some knowledge of the subject. You will be able to work with me when we work on each concept and module.

This is not some random tutorial that you usually find on the Internet with extremely simple examples. I show you everything you need to think about when you start building Web scraping with Node.js.

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